Bently Holdings

Why We're Green

A History of Leadership

Bently Holdings is a leader in sustainable building standards.

Our approach takes three core elements into consideration: beauty in design, quality of life, and environmental sustainability.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines embody these concepts, so we require all new tenant spaces be built using these standards.


We're architecture and history buffs, and we manage some very special buildings indeed. Whether it's the Art Deco charm of Bently Nob Hill or the stately grandeur of the Bently Reserve, we work hard to respect building history, while updating it to cutting-edge design and quality of life standards.

Because of this, our tenants work closely with their contractors and planners to reuse as much existing material as possible. In our own office buildout, we chose to reclaim existing materials that enhanced the Art Deco nature of the building itself. The end result are spaces with personality. Some of our tenants like Baker Ave and Smith Group JJR have taken this approach to a whole new level — these spaces are some of the best-designed on the entire West Coast.

More pragmatically, one of the most overlooked benefits of reusing buildout materials is the reduction in lead time between build out and occupancy. While this requires some careful planning and collaboration at the initial stages of a project, the time investment pays dividends during the construction phase.

Quality of Life

Most Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors and many spend most of their working hours in an office environment.

Studies conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency and others show that indoor environments sometimes can have levels of pollutants that are higher than outside levels. A healthy indoor environment is one that contributes to productivity, comfort, and a sense of well being.

For businesses it's estimated that green buildings add $20 to $160 billion to worker productivity from improved lighting, comfort, and employee satisfaction alone.

As a health and air quality control measure, we use green non-toxic janitorial supplies whenever we can, and environmentally friendly paint products that contain little to no Volatile Organic Compounds.

Impact on our Environment

Buildings have a powerful effect on the health of the planet.

The places we live and work consume more than two-thirds of the nation's electricity and one-eighth of our water; they reshape the land that provides valuable ecological resources. According to the the USGBC, green buildings can conserve up to 50% energy, 38% Carbon Dioxide emissions, 40% water, and 70% solid waste.

We recognize the significant impact the real estate industry can have on the environment, and we're committed to the people who live and work in or around our properties.

It takes a considerable investment to go green, but in the face of skyrocketing energy costs, stricter government regulations, and more tantalizing incentives for companies to conserve energy, a green investment will yield much higher profits over time.

Green is Here to Stay

The green movement shows no signs of slowing down, and we're proud to have been setting the standard in sustainable building design and maintenance for the last decade.

We will continue to operate with our people and our planet in mind, and we're looking forward to pushing our design, health, and sustainable goals to new levels in the years to come.