Bently Holdings

Our History

Bently Holdings is a private asset holdings and management company. We oversee real property investments, and operate under strict green business practices with little to no debt. The company holds its assets for the long term, and is always expanding through its focus on buildings of historic value or architectural splendor.

Although Bently Holdings invests in real estate, we’re in the people business too. Careful selection and superb care for our tenants is of the utmost importance — as are the employees we choose to represent Bently Holdings. We’re a principle driven company that adheres to a strict set of core values. We attract the sort of person who’s looking to take pride in something special, something to call home.

In all properties we use only green non-toxic janitorial supplies and renewable building supplies, and have succeeded in drastically reducing power consumption. Our offices are run in an almost paperless digital environment, and use only recycled paper products printed with natural soy inks.

All new tenant build-outs are mandated to be designed and built following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building guidelines. Carpets, which take up some of the largest space in landfills, must be made from recycled materials in all of our new build-outs. We’ve even mandated that sheet rock, aluminum studs, nails, and concrete are to come from recycled materials. All demolition must be recycled as well; we constantly strive to have 0% waste going to land fills.

We are committed to using environmentally friendly paint products which contain no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). We are voluntarily upgrading all older, less environmentally friendly building systems such as HVAC chiller units to systems that not only emit near zero harmful emissions, but run on considerably less energy.

We cannot afford to operate any other way. Try as we might, it’s impossible to become completely carbon neutral— this is why Bently Holdings donates to complete carbon neutrality the amount we are not able to reduce. This is something every business can do right now, today. It is our responsibility to do what’s right, to take the initiative and make our world a cleaner and safer place.

Bently Holdings plans to change the direction of real estate in the entire Bay Area towards a more responsible viewpoint, and to restore environmental integrity to the business.